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Dyeability 2: Hand Dyed Roving

Hands on workshop for fiber enthusiasts who want to dye their own colorway for unique rovings to spin or to felt with. A 4 week workshop which includes 2 techniques, video demonstrations and participant interaction on the Learn World Discussion Board
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course will take you through all the steps to dye amazing roving with which you can use to spin or felt
Throughout this course you will discover how to:

  • Prepare your roving for dyeing
  • Build your color confidence when choosing color
  • Mix color from primary dyes
  • Dye your roving with 2 different techniques
  • Use materials

Course contents

Lisa Check

Fiber Farmer of Flying Goat Farm
Indie dyer, Spinner, Weaver, Knitter
Lisa Check has been teaching dyeing, spinning and weaving over 30 years. She decided to "buy the farm" and now tends angora goats and fine wool sheep. She loves to teach and is able to break down the steps into easy, understandable steps. 

Course reviews

I really loved the whole experience of dyeing roving.  I had no idea what to expect because I am a complete novice. Some things went over my head (the more technical terms) but I very much enjoyed the two methods of dyeing that you showed us.  I just love the two pieces of roving that I came away with. Very beautiful, some of the effect is like velvet!

Previous Student
Although I had done some dying of yarn before the workshop I had not been successful not felting fiber while dying.  After the workshop I had two good techniques to work with fiber that had not felted while using merino.  I was able to play with a color combination I had been thinking about.  I received numerous tips on equipment, and strategies to use.  This was time well spent and a great value considering small class size, your right in an active studio and have a great teacher.  
Pat C.
Previous student
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